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Healthcare costs have consistently been increasing every year in the United States. Some estimates suggest that healthcare costs are the second-largest expense of many US families after the housing cost. Our country is considered one of the most advanced countries in the world, however, we have not been able to offer affordable healthcare to a vast majority of our poor (and in many cases even well to do families). is an attempt to help people with no insurance or a high co-pay to look at various options available to them for medical tests. We have started our effort to first cover the blood tests and over a period of time, we hope to offer to our followers, even imaging tests at affordable prices. We do all the research on the available options for medical tests (blood tests) so that you don’t have to. You can compare the prices of different providers and if home testing can be done.

We hope our offering will be of help to many families in the US. 

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Some of the medical tests that we cover

STD Testing Across the US

Know more abut the STD testing cost and prevalence of STDs in the US.
STD Testing in the US

Quantiferon Gold Test

TB Gold Test Price or Quantiferon TB Gold Test Cost
TB Gold Test Cost


Allergy Test Cost Across the US

Common symptoms of allergies - Allergy Tests Cost in U.S
Common symptoms of allergies + Book lowest cost allergy tests online


CBC Test in the US

Know more about CBC test and the cost of CBC test in the U.S.
CBC Test Cost


A1C Test Across all states in the US

Know more about the hemoglobin A1c test facts and hemoglobin A1c test cost in the U.S.
A1C Test Cost in the U.S / HbA1C Test Cost.


Planned Parenthood STD Testing Cost

Planned Parenthood STD Testing Cost Comparison
Planned Parenthood STD Testing Cost Vs Other Health Providers

What is the clap?

What is the clap? Know more about clap STD, what does clap look like & sypmtoms.
What is the Clap?

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